Some Compilations of Historical Tibetan-language Newspapers

Some Compilations of historical Tibetan-language Newspapers

In the past years, various short compilations of Tibetan newspapers have been published. Erhard, for example, gives an overview of some projects in 2015, using as his sources mainly Zla ba tshe ring’s work (journalism teacher at Tibet University) and the scholarship produced on the Indo-Tibetan tradition of newspaper production (Erhard 2015). He focuses on the current status of newspapers. Zla ba tshe ring, in turn, relies mainly on Zhou Decang’s findings (Zhou 2010).

Sgrol ma publishes on different magazines (dus deb) of Tibetan affairs, mentioning both Chinese and Tibetan publications from before 1951 (Sgrol ma 2009:60). In her work on Tibetan translations of republican ideologies during the 1930s, Jagou enlists some early Tibetan-language newspapers (Jagou 2010:168-9). Hartley provides valuable information on communist newspaper publishing in the 1950s, including a list of PRC-published newspapers and magazines between 1950 and 2002 (Hartley 2003:410-419).

The Amnye Machen Institute in Dharamsala staged an exhibition on Tibetan newspapers on March 15-16, 1995, covered by Tibetan Freedom (བོད་མིའི་རང་དབང་, April 17, 1995). The article enlists 22 newspaper projects, going back all the way to the first newspaper in Ladakh in 1904. Recently, a whole issue of the Latse Journal was dedicated to Tibetan magazines (Latse Journal 2014-2015), and particularly noteworthy here is Bhum’s work on the history of Tibetan magazines (Bhum 2014-2015) which had been published also in 2010 (Bhum 2010). Shes rab rgya tsho published a list of early Tibetan-language newspapers online (Shes rab rgya mtsho 2007). For a list of post-1960 exile newspapers, further see e.g. Blo bzang smon lam 2009. I have described some projects in Sawerthal 2011:43-58.


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